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How this Method Works

I am so excited that you are interested in music for your child! Here are some details about my style of teaching. 

I use the Suzuki approach to teaching which means several things:

  • The child learns to play by ear at the beginning. Just like learning a language, the child learns music by listening. This is an immersion method, so the most successful students have the music playing several hours per day (in the car, at playtime, at bedtime, etc.) The music they will be listening to is Suzuki Piano Volume 1.

  • The child also learns to read music from the beginning. I use a separate set of books for note-reading. 

  • The parent attends all lessons, takes notes, and works with the child at home.

  • Daily practice is essential to succeed with this method of learning. 

  • Daily listening to the Suzuki recording is essential for progress to be made. 

  • This method is very child-centered and nurturing. I believe that every child can learn to play the piano well.

  • I am very clear with what to practice at home and I help the child stay accountable to daily practice. 

  • I have recitals for my students to show their progress, usually 3 times per year. 

  • I ask my students/parents to consider piano lessons a long-term commitment. If a student/parent wants to “try it out” for a few months, I am not the right teacher and would be happy to refer families to another teacher.

  • I consider it an honor to be a long-term part of a child’s life and to help them become life-long lovers of music.

Suzuki: Lessons
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