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Where love is present, much can be accomplished

Shinichi Suzuki

  • Contact information

    • Cell: 970-382-1632

    • Email:

    • Address: 13 Ophir Drive, Durango 81301

    • Please always feel free to contact me between lessons with any questions you may have. Text or email is the best way to connect quickly. 

    • Also, I am available to you between lessons using the Marco Polo app. I always welcome a video message or question from a student and am more than happy to send back a quick reply.

  • General Guidelines

    • Please advise me on any details about your child in regards to their learning style. For example, if your child has an IEP or ALP, it would help me to know. Also, dyslexia, ADHD, autistic spectrum, and other learning details should be shared so that I can give each student my best. Each student’s success (in all areas) is extremely important to me and I am always ready to listen/tweak lessons, etc to make their experience positive, fun and engaging.

    • Please be on time. If a student is late, he/she only has the time remaining in the lesson. 

    • If you have an older student that you drop off, please pick up your child on time.

    • Please do not bring any food or drinks inside the studio.

  • Musical Guidelines

    • Suzuki is an immersion method. Like learning a language, daily engagement is essential.

    • Daily practice is essential. Without it, your child simply will not progress.

    • Daily listening of your Suzuki repertoire is essential. Without it, your child simply will not progress.

  • Missed Lessons

    • There are no refunds or make-ups for missed lessons. Thanks for understanding.

    • In the event that you must cancel, you may send me a video of the lesson material and I will provide written feedback during the week of the lesson you missed. 

    • In the event that you terminate lessons before the 10 week pay period is over, the lessons remaining are forfeited. There are no refunds for missed lessons.

    • In the case my cancellation, I will notify you and adjust the 10 week pay period to accommodate the missed lesson. 

    • In case of snow days, we will have lessons online by Zoom or Skype.

    • In the case of extended family travel or extended illness (more than 1 consecutive week), please contact me for accommodations.

  • Tuition Rates - I bill lessons in advance every 10 weeks. Payment is accepted through Venmo or PayPal. Please make payment before the first lesson of the new 10-week period. I will send you 2 reminders prior to payment being due. Thank you for your prompt payment. 

    • 30 minute lesson: $35 (10 lessons = $350)

    • 45 minute lesson: $52 (10 lessons = $525)

    • 60 minute lesson: $70 (10 lessons = $700)

  • Recitals - Recitals are scheduled 2-3  times per year, usually late fall, spring, and late summer. There is no extra charge for recitals. 

  • Summer Lessons - During the summer, we will schedule lessons in advance based on differing travel/camp schedules. A minimum of 6 lessons is required to secure your spot for the fall. 

  • By enrolling in lessons each student/parent/guardian gives consent for the student to be photographed and/or recorded while participating in studio events including but not limited to lessons, group classes, recitals, and in the process of auditioning for competitions, area recitals, special events, and festivals.  

  • Kristen Chen Suzuki Studio reserves the right to use any and all images, video, or sound recordings for marketing purposes that may include but are not limited to: Social media,  correspondence with colleagues, studio website,  newsletters, press releases, collateral materials, and advertisements.  

  • Recommended Reading

    • Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki

    • Beyond the Music Lesson: Habits of Successful Suzuki Families by Christine E. Goodner

    • Positive Practice: 5 Steps to Help Your Child Develop a Love of Music by Christine E. Goodner

    • Helping Parents Practice by Edmond Sprunger 

I have read and understand the above guidelines. I understand that there are no make-ups for missed lessons. 

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